Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Let it snow!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

We have been visited by an ice storm. Fortunately the roads have been plowed, salted and sanded and they are now clear. What remains is ice on the branches of trees. We were driving home yesterday from my mother's chemo session and the sun was bouncing off the ice. No tree I could decorate could be as beautiful as the trees decorated by nature. Autumn is my favourite season but as it slides into winter, I begin to think that they are one and the same. I love winter. Some of my best projects have been made in the winter months. Sitting under an afghan in the summer while you are crocheting it just isn't the same. To the left is one of my snowman quilts.

My friend Jill, once asked me if I liked snow. She and I have a passion for journaling and often ask these kind of questions. Do I like snow? Ha! I love it.

  • I love the way it looks.

  • I love that it has no real scent.

  • I love that it's fresh.

  • I love that you can build snowman.

  • I love that you can go tobogganing.

  • I love that you can go skiing or snowboarding.

  • I love that you can build snow angels.

  • I love fat fluffy snowflakes and tiny crystal snowflakes.

  • I love wearing a black coat and seeing a perfect snowflake on my sleeve.

  • I love watching my dogs play in the snow.

  • I love rolling a huge, mammoth snowball and just parking in front of a friend's front door.

  • I love that cold snow sounds squeaking under your feet.

  • I love hitting Paul in the back of the head with a snowball.

  • I love watching the snow fall in front of a street light late at night.

  • I love trying to identify objects buried under fresh snow.

  • I love watching snow drift down our street while sipping hot chocolate.

  • I love taking a hike and seeing tiny animal tracks in the snow

  • I love the way snow sits on the branches of the evergreens

  • I love the way snow drifts over the front of a house.

  • I love the way snow looks like white sand dunes in the desert.

  • I love that I can see my black dogs at night in the field.

  • I love it when snowflakes land on my eyelashes.

  • I love that you can build a snowman and leave it on the hood of your son's car.

  • I love to be all bundled up and still have cold cheeks.

  • I love seeing my breath.

  • I love it when Jack Frost visits my windows.

  • I love that 2" of snow can balance on something as small as a clothesline.

  • I love to watch the pine boughs bow their branches under the weight of snow.

  • I love the winter birds that visit our feeders when there is a lot of snow.

  • I love winter gardens.

  • I love the serenity of snow.

  • I love the shadows that go unseen except on snow.

  • I love to eat snow. White only!

  • I love that snow can stick to vertical surfaces.

  • I love to build snow forts.

  • I love to put snow in a big bowl and use it to chill wine.

  • And if I listen hard enough, I can imagine that I can even hear the snow fall.

I hate slush!

To the right is a snowman wall quilt I made. The pattern can be found in Better Homes and Gardens, Christmas all through the house


Vashti Braha said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Anne! Thanks even more for your list of how you enjoy snow. I thought I could pick a favorite from the list but I can't, I just love the whole list. You really capture what I miss about snow, especially what I FORGOT that I miss about snow. (I grew up in Wisconsin and now live in the southernmost USA.)

Anne said...

Thanks Vashti,
so many people hate snow but I like to find beauty in all seasons. Growing up in Wisconsin, I'm sure you do miss it! So I am sending you 10 cyber inches of pure, white, fluffy snow for your enjoyment :-)

Anonymous said...

Anne, Hope it's okay that I'm shortening this list and using it to enhance the snowstorm paintings our kids at the Rosa Parks Art Therapy Program made. The exhibit will be up in Capuchin Soup Kitchen dining room right outside the children's library here on the east side of Detroit, where the kids have art class 3 times a week. Thank you for this!

Anne said...

I am thrilled to share my list! I would also love to see the exhibit and add a link to it, if there will be a webpage for it. If not, I would be honoured to show some of the art at this site if you'd like.