Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas decorating

This is a sweet little set of snowmen made from gourds. My son's girlfriend and I each made a set several years ago. They are a favourite of my husbands and everyone who sees them is completely charmed. I got the pattern for these from the same book I got the pattern for my button snowman quilt. From Better Homes and Gardens All Through The House. What a wonderful book. It is filled with idea after idea.

Every year I make up little ornaments to put on Christmas gifts instead of bows. This year's ornaments are Victoria boots fashioned from felt and embellished with decorative stitching and beads. I cut out the toe and heel piece backwards which is why the pink boot is right instead of left. I have a collection of craft magazines that has constantly grown over the years. I often go back ten or twenty years to find a decoration. This pattern was from a BH&G's 1988 Christmas edition magazine.
The Santa letters were done during my folk art days. They sit on the third floor trim going up the stairs.
I don't know of any rule that says frogs can't be angels. This little gal was bought for me by Paul 6 years ago. She often stays out for the full year because she's not really dressed in Christmas garb.
So many of Christmas decorating supplies have yet to be unpacked. Hopefully next year I will have the house fully decorated. Between the move, my mother's chemo treatments and the loss of my most beloved dog Beulah, I just haven't had time. Family must come first in all things. Still, I am trying in the middle of all these trials to make Christmas as meaningful and merry as possible. There is one tradition in my house that has to be observed. It is my Cranberry Orange Coffeecake. Every year my family has a slice of it with tea or coffee while opening gifts. We skip breakfast and opt for brunch instead. I will post a picture of it later along with the recipe.

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