Monday, February 18, 2008

Winter is more than half over

We're being soaked with rain at the moment but that's not going to last for long. I actually prefer snow because it's dry and cold rather than wet and cold. Here are a few pictures I took in my backyard during the last big snowfall.

The screenroom was becoming less like a screen and more like a wall.

This is a picture of one of my favourite things about winter. Nature's balancing act. This twig is about the size of a pencil lead yet it can balance a fair amount of snow even in the blowing wind.

There is a huge old pine out in the yard. It served as a sort of umbrella while I was playing fetch with Brady. This picture was taken with me leaning against the trunk and looking straight up.

Check out the grin on Brady's face. This dog is not happy unless he's herding or fetching.

Here is a picture of the yard. It's so pretty. The barn in the background is not ours but belongs to our neighbour. That twisty looking bush to the left is a very old lilac. I imagine a nice reading bench parked right under it in the spring.

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