Monday, February 11, 2008

Is there an end to this sadness?

This morning I was awakened to a call from my cousin. My uncle on my mother's side passed away last night at 72 years. He was my Godfather and I will miss him very much. My mother loved him dearly and although there is no way I can be happy that my mother is no longer here, I am grateful that she didn't have to deal with his death as I am sure it would have been too much for her after losing one of her sisters just three months ago.

I am now left with just two aunts from a closely knit family that has always been such a huge part of my life. In the last three months, I have lost my dog, my aunt, my mother and now my uncle. My remaining aunts, Sally and Suzanne are crushed. Especially since one lives in Newfoundland and the rest of the family has always lived in S. Ontario.

My cousins Valerie and Sherry will miss their father so much. He leaves behind, a wife, two daughters, six grandchildren and three great grandkids.

When my aunt Vickie died in November it was just a week past my losing Beulah, my beloved dog of almost thirteen years. Valerie lost her dog of seventeen years on the day that my mother passed.

At my mom's service, I invited guests to mourn not only for my mother that day but also for the other losses both past and future of family, friends and pets. My mom requested no funeral but family and friends gathered for a wake.

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