Monday, January 21, 2008

slow progress

I have been stripping a wallpaper border from my bathroom walls. It is a dark blue border that looks like draped fabric with gold tassles. Not exactly my idea of the perfect B&B bath setting.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I bought a chandelier at a thrift shop that I am going to make over. The sink in the room is too small so we are painting an old wreck of a double dresser (not antique) and we are going to make that into a sink.

We are not sure if we're going to put in another corner tub or not. Most of them are suited for two persons but that's too much water and I like to bathe alone anyway. We are playing with the idea of an airjet tub. I'm not sure if it would be a novelty and end up not being used. The corner tub we have now is a whirlpool tub and I very rarely use it. It did come in handy once when I wanted to wash a small rug that wast too large for my washer. I just tossed the rug in the tub with some low sudsing soap and let the whirlpool do the rest. It turned out quite well but it did take forever to drain enough to lift it from the tub.

The toilet has to be replaced. It is the most shallow toilet I have ever seen. That is not a nice option I can tell you! Because we are opening a B&B, I will need a strong flush toilet anyway.

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