Saturday, May 17, 2008

at the lake

We often spend time down at Lake Ontario. Many people don't realize just how big the Great Lakes are. Ontario is not the biggest but it is huge nevertheless.

I used to have trouble remembering the names of the lakes when I was a child but my kids learned a trick in school to help them remember.

Just remember HOMES. Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior.

This is Paul and Alex wandering out on the boat launch. I was standing on the shore taking pictures and getting soaked as the waves broke. I love spending time at the lake. We try to go down there a couple times a week. It's just a few minutes from our house. Whenever I'm upset about something that's where Paul takes me. I can lose hours just watching the water.

What a cold day it was at the lake. When the water is angry, it shows as two different colours. Further out it is a deep blue or sometime grey but closer to shore where it's more shallow, it shows lighter. I guess it's because of the rocks and sand.

The gulls certainly aren't camera shy. In fact, I think they like to be the centre of attention. We didn't bring any snacks for them that day but I think they were glad to be sitting on the rocks staying warm in the sun.

We explored the forest around the shore a bit and found a piece of birch with a fabulous bit of fungus growing on the side. It looks like a little fairy perch.

During our drive home, we all marveled at how green the fields look. What a difference between the water at the lake and in this stream. I think this will be a future picnic spot.

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